SOZO Testimonials

I sat in the unbearable pain of a broken heart. My God was healing me, day by day, but I knew I needed help.

I wanted all He had for me during this dark time in life.

Then, I found Sozo.

The words "Sozo takes you to the throne room of grace. It is an encounter with Holy Spirit. Surrendering and yielding to Him allows Him to be your Counselor in Sozo sessions. He can do more permanent healing in 1 or 2 Sozo sessions than years of Christian Counseling can do."

Those words drew me in. He did the rest.

I can no longer find pain, anywhere. A marriage and a life healed!

I thank God for HRC, Pastor Chuck and Pastor Anna for this ministry.


I always felt exposed, humiliated and shamed when I had to be in front of a crowd, now I frequently speak in public, and do so in total freedom.

C. - Houston

I was involved in a severe car accident at 16 and for 33 years I was terrorized to be a passenger again.  Since Sozo, my daughter can drive us to school and I am without the fear and terror!

R. - Houston

I feel so alive and clean!


My marriage was in a wreck, now it is better than ever and I have hope again!

C. – Tomball

I have been looking for this kind of ministry in the churches in Houston for years and cannot thank God enough for leading me to HRC's Sozo Ministry.  I am forever changed as are my 2 daughters.  I have been referring you left and right!

A. – Houston

I cannot believe I was living with so much self-hatred, guilt and shame in my life.  After going through Sozo, I began to love and accept myself.

R. – Houston

I could hardly believe that something that seemed so small and insignificant that happened to me as a child was such a source of anger, resentment and bitterness.  When I walked through forgiveness, and truly forgave out of my heart, I began to experience true joy and freedom.  I thank God for this ministry!

C. - Houston