The word "SOZO" is a Greek word that means, "complete restoration of the body, soul and spirit; to save, heal and deliver; to be made whole."

The SOZO Center is a Ministry of Deliverance & Inner Healing dedicated to setting the captives free. Each ministry session is designed to produce a level of freedom and breakthrough that enables you to walk in a greater measure of God’s love, peace, compassion and joy.

Multitudes have been profoundly impacted by this simple yet comprehensive experience in the love of God. In order to establish an environment of safety and trust, each ministry session is held in the utmost confidence.

In His service,

Anna Adkinson

Here are the Latest Video Training Sessions by Pastor Chuck Miles. Parts 1-4




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Audio Format
Sozo Training Conference - 2015 Part I MP3
Sozo Training Conference - 2015 Part II MP3
Sozo Training Conference – 2015 Part III MP3
Sozo Training Conference – 2015 Part IV MP3
Sozo Training Conference – 2015 Part V MP3
Sozo Training Conference – 2015 Part VI MP3
Video Training Format
Session 1 WMV | MP4
Session 2 WMV | MP4
Session 3 WMV | MP4
Session 4 WMV | MP4
Session 5 WMV | MP4
Session 6 WMV | MP4
Session 7 WMV | MP4
Session 8 WMV | MP4
Testimonies Format
Rosalinda Orta WMV
Danon Long MP4
Adam & Jennifer Cole MP4

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