Teachings by Pastor Chuck Miles
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Believe II
07/07/24 MP3

06/23/24 MP3

Prophetic Sunday
06/09/24 MP3

Actively Engaging the Plumbline
05/26/24 MP3

Mother’s Day
05/12/24 MP3

Another Brick in the Wall
04/28/24 MP3

Gideon Steps Up in Faith
04/14/24 MP3

Intimacy with the Lord III – by Sharon Sargeant
04/10/24 MP3

Empowered by the Resurrection
03/31/24 MP3

Intimacy with the Lord II – by Sharon Sargeant
03/13/24 MP3

Forgiveness is the Fruit of Faith
03/10/24 MP3

The Fruit of the Spirit-By Pastor Anna Adkinson
03/06/24 MP3

Intimacy with the Lord I – by Sharon Sargeant
02/28/24 MP3

He Takes Our Pain
02/25/24 MP3

Transformation in the Face of God
02/11/24 MP3

The Word for Life & Godliness
01/28/24 MP3

Moving from Earning to Entering
12/10/23 MP3

Honor & Grace
11/19/23 MP3

Revelations in Grace
11/05/23 MP3

Truth & Grace Conquer Sin
10/22/23 MP3

Celebration in John 7 Life
10/08/23 MP3

Faith is Your Qualification
09/24/23 MP3

The Gates of Heaven
09/10/23 MP3

Medley of The Word
09/03/23 MP3

Life Overturns the Curse
08/20/23 MP3

Intimacy Empowers Grace
08/06/23 MP3

Co-buried, Co-resurrected!
07/16/23 MP3

Ephesians 2:6 Day
06/25/23 MP3

Mother’s Day
05/14/23 MP3

Living in the Light
04/30/23 MP3

Overcoming the Schemes of the Enemy
04/23/23 MP3

You are Powerful
02/05/23 MP3

The Power of Thanksgiving
11/27/22 MP3

Delving into His Love by Sharon Sargeant
11/09/22 MP3

Face of God in Ezekiel 47
08/28/22 MP3

06/12/22 MP3

No Agenda
03/16/22 MP3

The Breaker at the Gate
03/13/22 MP3