Teachings by Pastor Chuck Miles
Audio Date Format

Go After the Presence of God
03/17/21 MP3

We Need the Light of God
03/10/21 MP3

God Builds Champions
03/07/21 MP3

By Faith Walls Come Down
02/21/21 MP3

Champions Moving Forward
02/10/21 MP3

Leave the Baggage
01/31/21 MP3

Understand Your Identity
01/24/21 MP3

It’s Not Over Until Father Says It’s Over
01/10/21 MP3

You Carry the Answer Within You
11/29/20 MP3

Provoke Others to Goodness
11/15/20 MP3

Hold Fast to God’s Creativity
11/01/20 MP3

Falling In & Out of Prayer
10/28/20 MP3

Is God with You?
10/18/20 MP3

Socialism Enslaves
10/04/20 MP3

Be Consumed by the Fire of God-Pastor Justin
09/23/20 MP3

Restoration of Innocence
09/20/20 MP3

Covenant of Redemption
09/09/20 MP3

Your Obedience Prepares Your Future
09/06/20 MP3

The Greatest Callings to Function as His Child
08/23/20 MP3

Are You My Child?
08/09/20 MP3

Prepare Your Heart for the Father’s Way
07/29/20 MP3

See Father~Walk His Plan
07/26/20 MP3

Who Told You that You Were Outside of My Covering?
07/19/20 MP3

You Are Already Anointed
06/24/20 MP3

Step into Agreement with God
06/14/20 MP3

Love Has No Color
06/07/20 MP3

Pentacost-The Release of Truth
05/31/20 MP3

Do You Wish to be Made Well?
05/27/20 MP3

What Is Your Expectation
05/13/20 MP3

Pursue the New Normal
04/29/20 MP3

Your Call is to Carry the Light
04/22/20 MP3

The Jericho Resurrection
04/15/20 MP3

Get Unwithering Leaves and Unfalling Fruit
04/01/20 MP3

Your Leaf Will Not Wither
03/29/20 MP3

Hold to the Word You are Given
03/25/20 MP3

Christ in Our Lives Makes the Difference
03/08/20 MP3

You Have a Place with Christ
03/01/20 MP3

Be Subject as to the Lord
02/16/20 MP3

I AM the Bread
02/09/20 MP3

Hidden Heart Wounds Detour Destiny
02/05/20 MP3

Fruit of the Winnowing Fork
01/29/20 MP3

What is the Purpose of a Fast?
01/26/20 MP3

Whatever Jesus Says to You Do It
01/05/20 MP3