2020 Greater Uganda Western Regional Conference

Checks can be made out to Father's House Church with notation of "Peter Mutebi" 10640 Jones Rd. Houston, Texas 77065

Greetings in Jesus name,

We have the 2020 Greater Uganda Western Regional Conference for all churches this year! We are going to talk about leadership, praise, worship, prophetic, church planting and development. The 2020 conference will be held at the Kyenjojo District Grounds and will commence on Thursday May 7th at 8am and end Saturday night May 9th at 8pm. Hours are as follows:

Thursday 8am to 8pm Friday 8am - All the way through the night to Saturday night at 8pm

Arrival of all the long distance delegates from other bordering countries; Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania will begin on Wednesday May 6th.

We were able to arrange accommodations at dormitories from two schools by using school holiday dates for our conference.

We are expecting over 1500 pastors, as well as others in the five-fold ministry, and as many as 5000 or more church members.

We need funds as soon as possible to do the following:

1. Rent the venue (District
2. Reserve tents and chairs.
3. Reserve school dormitories,
and kitchen for food
4. Hire cooks and buy cooking
5. Pay for use of school toilets
and bathrooms.
6. Arrange for water and
7. Buy foods, sugar, soap, tea,
bread, cups, plates and
8. Advertising on radios,
posters, handbills, and
9. Public Address System
(PAS) and standby
10. Certificates for all

This conference will create many positive changes throughout our entire region and neighboring countries. Since planning and organizing this event is such a huge undertaking we need to start fund raising now! We need your help to coordinate donations from the United States.

We are praying and fasting for the success of this historical event. God is going to move in a powerful way as He prepares His church for great revival in Uganda, Africa!

We would love to have you attend in person, but if that is not possible then we are praying that you will all join us in Spirit!

We need and very much appreciate your support.
Thank you in advance for all your prayers and donations.

Be blessed,

Apostle Dr. Peter Mutebi.
Founder of Peter Mutebi Ministries International, Founder of The King’s Church, Home Of Champions and The King's
Primary School.

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