Teaching Archive for Pastor Chuck Miles

2020 & 2021

Audio Date Format

Reviving the Dream
12/26/21 MP3

12/12/21 MP3

The Freedom in Endless Life
11/28/21 MP3

Mark 11: Change of Covenant
10/31/21 MP3

Curses to Blessings
10/10/21 MP3

Pursuing From Hunger
09/26/21 MP3

Binding & Loosing
09/12/21 MP3

Worry Not, He is with You
08/29/21 MP3

Peace & Joy in Controversy
08/15/21 MP3

Divine Exchange
08/08/21 MP3

Sanctify Feelings
07/28/21 MP3

Sanctifying Our Emotions
07/18/21 MP3

07/11/21 MP3

True Hearing Takes Action
06/30/21 MP3

Hearing God Changes Your Walk
06/27/21 MP3

Do You Know How Valuable You Are to God?
06/16/21 MP3

Be Conformed to Father
06/13/21 MP3

Lift Father’s Word Back to Him
05/30/21 MP3

What are You Looking At?
05/19/21 MP3

You are Released from Your Captivity
05/16/21 MP3

What You See is What You Receive
05/02/21 MP3

Truth Displaces Deception
04/21/21 MP3

Resurrection ~ The Great Reset
04/04/21 MP3

Wisdom Brings the Light of Heaven
03/31/21 MP3

Go After the Presence of God
03/17/21 MP3

We Need the Light of God
03/10/21 MP3

God Builds Champions
03/07/21 MP3

By Faith Walls Come Down
02/21/21 MP3

Champions Moving Forward
02/10/21 MP3

Leave the Baggage
01/31/21 MP3

Understand Your Identity
01/24/21 MP3

It’s Not Over Until Father Says It’s Over
01/10/21 MP3

You Carry the Answer Within You
11/29/20 MP3

Provoke Others to Goodness
11/15/20 MP3

Hold Fast to God’s Creativity
11/01/20 MP3

Falling In & Out of Prayer
10/28/20 MP3

Is God with You?
10/18/20 MP3

Socialism Enslaves
10/04/20 MP3

Be Consumed by the Fire of God-Pastor Justin
09/23/20 MP3

Restoration of Innocence
09/20/20 MP3

Covenant of Redemption
09/09/20 MP3

Your Obedience Prepares Your Future
09/06/20 MP3

The Greatest Callings to Function as His Child
08/23/20 MP3

Are You My Child?
08/09/20 MP3

Prepare Your Heart for the Father’s Way
07/29/20 MP3

See Father~Walk His Plan
07/26/20 MP3

Who Told You that You Were Outside of My Covering?
07/19/20 MP3

You Are Already Anointed
06/24/20 MP3

Step into Agreement with God
06/14/20 MP3

Love Has No Color
06/07/20 MP3

Pentacost-The Release of Truth
05/31/20 MP3

Do You Wish to be Made Well?
05/27/20 MP3

What Is Your Expectation
05/13/20 MP3

Pursue the New Normal
04/29/20 MP3

Your Call is to Carry the Light
04/22/20 MP3

The Jericho Resurrection
04/15/20 MP3

Get Unwithering Leaves and Unfalling Fruit
04/01/20 MP3

Your Leaf Will Not Wither
03/29/20 MP3

Hold to the Word You are Given
03/25/20 MP3

Christ in Our Lives Makes the Difference
03/08/20 MP3

You Have a Place with Christ
03/01/20 MP3

Be Subject as to the Lord
02/16/20 MP3

I AM the Bread
02/09/20 MP3

Hidden Heart Wounds Detour Destiny
02/05/20 MP3

Fruit of the Winnowing Fork
01/29/20 MP3

What is the Purpose of a Fast?
01/26/20 MP3

Whatever Jesus Says to You Do It
01/05/20 MP3


Audio Date Format

It’s Going to Happen Through You
12/22/19 MP3

Your Thoughts Set Your Destiny
12/15/19 MP3

Seeing the Picture of Grace
12/08/19 MP3

See Yourself as Holy Spirit and Testify of His Grace
12/01/19 MP3

Focus Accomplishes Kingdom Activities
11/24/19 MP3

We Need Grace to Step Out
11/17/19 MP3

Be the Glory
11/10/19 MP3

Let Father Awaken the Destiny Within You
11/03/19 MP3

Father Seeks All to Know Him
10/27/19 MP3

Is Your Heart Attached to Father’s Love?
09/29/19 MP3

Believe and Wreck the Kingdom of Darkness
09/25/19 MP3

Worship Regardless of Your Emotions
09/15/19 MP3

Worship Him No Matter What Happens
09/08/19 MP3

You are Chosen to Proclaim
09/01/19 MP3

Overcome by Looking to the Overcomer
08/25/19 MP3

Father will Fight for You When You Stand in Faith
08/18/19 MP3

Dependence is Being Governed by His Love
08/11/19 MP3

God is Not on Trial During the Storm
08/04/19 MP3

Father Put Your Sin to Death
07/14/19 MP3

Don’t Leave Home without His Peace
07/07/19 MP3

The Purpose of Love is to Let Heaven Touch Earth
06/30/19 MP3

Get to the Throne to Remove Your Veil
06/26/19 MP3

Dwell Knowing that Father is the Foundation
06/16/19 MP3

We Are Saved to Gain a Relationship with Father
06/05/19 MP3

We Have Redemption to be Refreshing Vessels
06/02/19 MP3

Holy Spirit Authenticates You to Others
05/26/19 MP3

The Steps of Ephesus
05/22/19 MP3

Release Burdens to Father to let His Love Heal
05/19/19 MP3

Harmonize Actions with Beliefs
05/19/19 MP3

The Expectancy of Crossing Over
05/12/19 MP3

Walk This Way in the Father’s Love
05/05/19 MP3

Compelled by His Love
04/28/19 MP3

Second Chances
04/21/19 MP3

God Wants to do Something in Me to Set Me Free
04/14/19 MP3

When Love Compels Me I Am no Longer Driven by Self
04/10/19 MP3

Be Free from Self and Compelled by Father’s Love
04/07/19 MP3

The Greatest Opportunity from Faith is Change
03/31/19 MP3

Seek to Change the Old Man not Emotions about Starving Him
03/24/19 MP3

To Change Trust the Intentions of Father
03/13/19 MP3

We are Created for His Delight
03/10/19 MP3

Stand Blameless and Joyfull in Father’s Presence
03/03/19 MP3

Search for the Gold in Others
02/24/19 MP3

Revealing the Grace & Truth of Father
02/18/19 MP3

Practical Relationships for Endurance
02/13/19 MP3

Submission to Father Produces Ascension
02/10/19 MP3

He Saves You to Build a Relationship with Him
02/06/19 MP3

Prepare for His Move in Your Life
01/27/19 MP3

Let Go of the Orphan Spirit to Step Into Victory
01/20/19 MP3

Broken Vessels are Seconds from Being Chosen Vessels
01/20/19 MP3

Discard The Orphan Spirit to Recognize Your Promotion
01/06/19 MP3


Audio Date Format

The Fullness of Time Redeems You Through Christ
12/23/18 MP3

Recovering from The Orphan Spirit
12/16/18 MP3

It is His Delight to be withYou
12/09/18 MP3

It is the Father Who Makes You Clean
12/02/18 MP3

The Kingdom of God is Making Changes
11/25/18 MP3

The New Spirit
11/18/18 MP3

Your Yes Determines Your Todays
11/14/18 MP3

His Annointing Breaks the Yoke
11/04/18 MP3

Overcoming with Your Living Testimony
10/31/18 MP3

The Provision of God is FOR You
10/28/18 MP3

Reaping Harvest Before the Planting
10/24/18 MP3

Protect Your Yes- Serving with Attitude
10/14/18 MP3

He Delivers Us from Sin to Testify
10/07/18 MP3

Bearing Fruit for the Season
09/23/18 MP3

Look into His Glory for Direction
09/16/18 MP3

It is Time for Burning Trust to Manifest
09/12/18 MP3

The Fire in Your Heart
09/09/18 MP3

Know What God is Doing in Your Heart
09/02/18 MP3

Respond with What is Best for You
08/26/18 MP3

Dethroning the Soul-Enthroning the Spirit
08/22/18 MP3

Who Do You Want to Be Tomorrow
08/19/18 MP3

Do You Wish to be Made Well
08/12/18 MP3

Every Graduation is for Delight
08/05/18 MP3

Your Response Determines Your Victory
07/29/18 MP3

Your Wilderness Presents a Promotion
07/25/18 MP3

Thriving Instead of Surviving
07/22/18 MP3

Your Faith Response Sets Your Future
07/08/18 MP3

You Are the Precious Oil on the Top Shelf
07/01/18 MP3

Make Room for Your Identity
06/24/18 MP3

Do You Not Know?
06/24/18 MP3

See Yourself as the Father Sees You
06/17/18 MP3

Make Room for Freedom
06/17/18 MP3

God is Bigger Than the Mountain
06/10/18 MP3

Grace Grace to It
06/03/18 MP3

God Wants to Change Who You Are
05/20/18 MP3

Getting Pruned by God
05/13/18 MP3

We Are Who He Is
04/29/18 MP3

Building the Image God Has
04/22/18 MP3

My New is Here
04/08/18 MP3

Resurrection Demonstration
04/01/18 MP3

Make Room for Spirit Filled Love
03/25/18 MP3

Making Room for Transformation
03/11/18 MP3

When You Make Room~God Makes It Happen
02/25/18 MP3

You Become the Fire-by Tina Love
02/25/18 MP3

He Comes to Give Us His Identity-Chuck Miles & Tina Love
02/18/18 MP3

Make Room for His Love
02/11/18 MP3

Changing Perspectives
02/07/18 MP3

Make Room for His Fire II
02/04/18 MP3

Remove Limitations to a New Point of View-Chuck Miles & Tina Love
01/28/18 MP3

Make Room for His Fire
01/21/18 MP3

Make Room for My Identity-Chuck Miles & Tina Love
01/14/18 MP3

Reset & Go-by Tina Love
01/07/18 MP3

Prophetic Word-Father’s House-Matt Sorger
01/07/18 MP3


Audio Date Format

The Year of the Kaboom-by Tina Love
12/31/17 MP3

Celebrating Christ
12/24/17 MP3

Behold His Beauty
12/17/17 MP3

Take Charge of Your Victory
12/10/17 MP3

Trust is a Verb
12/03/17 MP3

Trust for All Your Strength
11/19/17 MP3

Trust Has an Action
11/12/17 MP3

Engaging in Trust III
11/05/17 MP3

Engaging in Trust
10/29/17 MP3

Exploring New Nature
10/22/17 MP3

Finding Your Voice
10/15/17 MP3

The Power of Blessing-by Sharon Sargeant
10/08/17 MP3

Free of Generational Curses II
10/08/17 MP3

Priorities of the Father
10/01/17 MP3

You Have a Voice
09/24/17 MP3

Free of Generational Curses
09/17/17 MP3

Open My Eyes
09/10/17 MP3

New Strength for Completion
09/03/17 MP3

Completion by Choice
08/20/17 MP3

Walk by Faith
08/13/17 MP3

Grace for Completion
08/06/17 MP3

Recognize The Opportunity
07/30/17 MP3

Take The Shot
07/23/17 MP3

Completion In Grace
07/16/17 MP3

Grace In His Image
07/09/17 MP3

Jesus in the Center
07/02/17 MP3

Holy Spirit Releases New Thing III
06/25/17 MP3

Stop the Thief
06/18/17 MP3

Holy Spirit Releases a New Thing II
06/11/17 MP3

Holy Spirit Releases a New Thing
06/04/17 MP3

Dreaming the New Thing
05/28/17 MP3

Dreaming with the Father
05/21/17 MP3

Manna & Obedience
04/30/17 MP3

Manna for Breakthrough
04/26/17 MP3

Manna & the Wilderness
04/23/17 MP3

Resurrection to Redemption
04/16/17 MP3

Manna & the New Nature
04/09/17 MP3

Entering In - New Nature
04/02/17 MP3

Entering In - New Paths
03/26/17 MP3

Entering In - Face to Face
03/19/17 MP3

Entering In To Right Believing
03/12/17 MP3

Entering In - Changing Our Belief
03/05/17 MP3

No Bondage Leading to Fear
02/26/17 MP3

Water and the Blood
02/19/17 MP3

No Other Way
02/12/17 MP3

Intimacy Reveals Identity
02/05/17 MP3

Why We Enter In
01/29/17 MP3

Love is the Change of Perspective
01/22/17 MP3

Believe the Works
01/15/17 MP3

Be the Real You
01/08/17 MP3


Audio Date Format
No Condemning Sentence 12/28/16 MP3
Ever Before the Face 12/18/16 MP3
Love with All Your Heart 12/11/16 MP3
Removing Separation 12/04/16 MP3
Voice of Another 11/27/16 MP3
Freedom from Fear 11/20/16 MP3
Identity in Faith 11/13/16 MP3
Changed by the Truth 09/16/16 MP3
It's Not about You 09/11/16 MP3
Key of David II 08/28/16 MP3
Intercession of Love 08/21/16 MP3
Orphan Spirit II 08/14/16 MP3
Jacob’s Ladder 08/07/16 MP3
Door of Faith 07/24/16 MP3
Holy Spirit vs Condemnation 07/17/16 MP3
Condemnation 07/10/16 MP3
Keeping the Faith 02/28/16 MP3
Mystery of Kingdom Exchange 01/06/16 MP3


Audio Date Format
Born for the Journey 08/16/15 MP3
Unpardonable Sin 08/02/15 MP3
Freedom in Relationship 07/26/15 MP3
Seed and Sonship 07/12/15 MP3
Pass it On 07/05/15 MP3
Believe the Love 04/19/15 MP3
Resurrection Life 04/05/15 MP3
Three Operations of Your Calling-Tommie Greenlee 03/29/15 MP3
The Fruit of Keeping the Word 03/22/15 MP3
Loved by God X-Kept by the Word 03/15/15 MP3
Loved by God IX-Love Based Thinking 03/08/15 MP3
Loved by God VIII-Your Identity 03/01/15 MP3
Loved by God VII-Without Fear 02/22/15 MP3
Loved by God VI-Christ & Him Crucified 02/15/15 MP3
Finding Your Voice 02/08/15 MP3
Seeing the Lampstand 02/01/15 MP3
Loved by God IV 01/25/15 MP3
The Golden Lampstand-The 7 Spirits of God 01/21/15 MP3
Loved by God III 01/18/15 MP3
Loved by God II 01/11/15 MP3
Loved by God 01/07/15 MP3
Retain The Promise 01/04/15 MP3


Audio Date Format
Breaking Rejection 12/28/14 MP3
The Word & the Birth 12/21/14 MP3
Intentional Faith 12/14/14 MP3
Expressions of God 12/07/14 MP3
Awakening to Dunamis 11/30/14 MP3
Faith Working Through Love-Pastor Enrique Montano 11/23/14 MP3
Joined to the Lord II 11/16/14 MP3
Joined to the Lord 11/09/14 MP3
Sin No More 10/26/14 MP3
The Call for Intimacy 10/19/14 MP3
Atmospheres 10/05/14 MP3
The Pearl of Great Price 09/21/14 MP3
Grace That is not In Vain 09/14/14 MP3
The Commission of Barnabas 08/31/14 MP3
Obedience of Faith 08/24/14 MP3
Faith & Trust 08/17/14 MP3
The Power of Private Worship 08/10/14 MP3
Prophesy to the Bones 07/27/14 MP3
Faith Decisions 07/20/14 MP3
Meeting The Christ 07/13/14 MP3
The Village 07/06/14 MP3
Binding the Strongman 06/29/14 MP3
The Law of Life for the Soul IV-The Mind of Christ 06/22/14 MP3
The Law of Life for the Soul III 06/15/14 MP3
The Law of Life for the Soul II 06/08/14 MP3
The Law of Life for the Soul 06/01/14 MP3
The Knowledge of God 05/25/14 MP3
What Do You See? 05/18/14 MP3
Hedge in Our Family 05/11/14 MP3
The Ark & the Testimony 04/27/14 MP3
Resurrection and Redemption 04/20/14 MP3
Hearing by Faith 04/13/14 MP3
Blueprint for Believing 04/06/14 MP3
Open the Eyes of My Heart 03/30/14 MP3
For Freedom You are Free 03/23/14 MP3
Exploring Hebrews Six 03/05/14 MP3
Independence or Freedom 02/23/14 MP3
Leadership of the Spirit 02/23/14 MP3
Pastor Kim Miles and Aaron Miles Testimony 02/16/14 MP3
Rolling away Reproach 02/09/14 MP3
Discerning God's Voice 02/02/14 MP3
Reproach Lifted 01/26/14 MP3
No More Bells 01/12/14 MP3
Fellowship of the Spirit 01/05/14 MP3


Audio Date Format
Seeing The Witness 12/22/13 MP3
Dual Citizen 12/22/13 MP3
Heart Set on Him 12/15/13 MP3
The Love of a Servant 12/01/13 MP3
Victorious Love 12/01/13 MP3
Preparation by the Spirit 11/24/13 MP3
Unmanageable Love 11/17/13 MP3
Surpassing Love 11/14/13 MP3
Kingdom Thought 11/10/13 MP3
Prospering Like Abraham II 11/07/13 MP3
Holy Spirit Protects Your Word 11/03/13 MP3
It's in the Rest 10/31/13 MP3
Trust 10/27/13 MP3
You Are a Spiritual Force 10/20/13 MP3
Contending Prayer: Joy 10/15/13 MP3
Receive the Kingdom 10/06/13 MP3
Grace Has Your Word 09/29/13 MP3
Know Him, Know Grace 09/22/13 MP3
The Rest of Grace 09/15/13 MP3
Grace And Truth 09/08/13 MP3
Power to Witness 08/22/13 MP3
Who Is Your Daddy 08/18/13 MP3
Thriving in Babylon 08/11/13 MP3
Power Over Devils 08/04/13 MP3
Pattern of the Spirit 07/21/13 MP3
Compassion 07/07/13 MP3
Great Faith 06/30/13 MP3
Embrace Your Place 06/23/13 MP3
Stepping Into Healing 06/16/13 MP3
Moving In The Supernatural 06/09/13 MP3
Guide Us To The Water 06/02/13 MP3
Choice And The Garden 05/26/13 MP3
Holy Spirit 05/19/13 MP3
Power Of Choice 05/12/13 MP3
Manifest Thy Name 05/05/13 MP3
Choosing the New Man II 05/02/13 MP3
Got Fruit? by Sharon Sargeant 05/02/13 MP3
Living Beneath Your Means II 04/28/13 MP3
Living Beneath Your Means I 04/21/13 MP3
Anointing Break The Yoke 04/14/13 MP3
Love That Changes Your Identity 04/07/13 MP3
Resurrection Power 03/31/13 MP3
Worship By The Spirit 03/24/13 MP3
Overcoming Evil 03/17/13 MP3
Adversity Brings Growth 03/10/13 MP3
Be Yourself 02/24/13 MP3
Choose Freedom 02/17/13 MP3
What Are You Looking At 01/30/13 MP3
The Covering and the Covered 01/30/13 MP3
The Kingdom of God is_Part I 01/09/13 MP3
The Kingdom of God is Part II 01/09/13 MP3
The Power of Words 01/09/13 MP3


Audio Date Format
Pathways of Faith 12/11/12 MP3
Pathway of the Kingdom 12/11/12 MP3
Intensive Training 11/27/12 MP3
Isaac Sowed Obedience 11/27/12 MP3
The Love of God by Tommy Greenlee 11/27/12 MP3
Abiding Grace 11/27/12 MP3
Who You are in Grace 11/27/12 MP3
Living in Grace 11/27/12 MP3
Pathways of Grace 11/27/12 MP3
Pathways of Thought 11/27/12 MP3
Embracing Christ 11/13/12 MP3
One Another 11/13/12 MP3
The Father's Will 10/16/12 MP3
Grace in Action 10/16/12 MP3
God's Grace to You 10/16/12 MP3
Light in the Garden 10/16/12 MP3
Living Testimony 10/16/12 MP3
Paul's Resolve 10/15/12 MP3
Worship in Truth 09/25/12 MP3
Living God 09/19/12 MP3
Owned By Grace 09/11/12 MP3
God of Hope God of Resurrection 10/02/12 MP3
God of Hope 09/05/12 MP3
Son of Man II 08/30/12 MP3
Son of Man I 08/15/12 MP3
Growing In The Spirit 08/07/12 MP3
Gates of Grace 07/17/12 MP3
Honoring the Father in Grace 06/10/12 MP3
Justification by Grace 06/10/12 MP3
Abiding and Grace 06/10/12 MP3
Indentity in Christ 06/03/12 MP3
There's Grace for That 05/01/12 MP3
Grace And Resurrection 04/08/12 MP3
Thankfulness & Grace 04/01/12 MP3
Surrender and Grace 04/01/12 MP3
Grace & Graduation 04/01/12 MP3
Grace Through Humility 03/01/12 MP3
Grace Revealed 02/01/12 MP3


Audio Date Format
Paul's Pursuit 11/11/11 MP3
Key Of Knowledge 10/11/11 MP3
Word Of Abiding 10/11/11 MP3
The Light Of Men 10/11/11 MP3
Judging II 10/11/11 MP3
Godly Brokenness 10/11/11 MP3
Intercession For Transformation 10/11/11 MP3
Judging 09/11/11 MP3
Transitions In Ziklag 08/23/11 MP3
Victory is at Hand 07/10/11 MP3


Audio Date Format
David's Mighty Men 03/15/10 MP3
In The Name 07/04/10 MP3
Roadblocks To Ascending 06/27/10 MP3
The Purpose Of The Works 06/20/10 MP3
Fearing God 06/06/10 MP3
The Way Out 05/23/10 MP3
Testimony Of The Fear Of The Lord 05/23/10 MP3
Touching The Altar 05/23/10 MP3
Teaching Seeking God's Way 05/16/10 MP3
Invitation To The Fear Of The Lord 05/09/10 MP3
Ascending To The Right Hand
Scriptural background and live example
05/02/10 MP3
Blessings In The Fear Of The Lord 04/25/10 MP3
Introduction To The Fear Of The Lord 04/18/10 MP3
God's Everlasting Love II 03/28/10 MP3
God's Everlasting Love I
Anne Peyton
03/28/10 MP3
My Thoughts For You 03/21/10 MP3
Disappointed Faith 03/14/10 MP3
Mortification In Tongues 03/10/10 MP3
The Innoculation In Tongues 02/28/10 MP3
Faith The Kingdom's Way 02/10/10 MP3
Grasshopper Faith 01/24/10 MP3


Audio Date Format
Faith For Birthing 12/20/09 MP3
Learning To Receive 11/29/09 MP3
Faith Works 11/22/09 MP3
Breaking Free 11/15/09 MP3


Audio Format
The Unclean Spirit MP3
Our Temptation MP3
Saved in Famine MP3
The Natural Branch MP3
You And The Holy Spirit MP3
Our High Priest 2 MP3
His Temptation MP3
Faith Without Works MP3
Our High Priest MP3
The Cost Of Love MP3
Alignment In Relationships MP3
The Fast Lane MP3
The Pentecost MP3
Balaams Error MP3
Protocol for Prayer MP3
Changing the Atmosphere MP3
Resurrection MP3
Lead Us Not Into Temptation MP3
Room Of Appreciation MP3
Joined For Supply MP3
Favor Revealed MP3
Offense Defused MP3
Exhortation In Worship MP3
Speaking Truth in Love MP3
Dare to Love MP3
Abiding in Truth MP3

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